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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airspace Operations Challenge (UAS AOC)

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

The UAS Operations Challenge Badge represents partnerships between NASA and the allied organizations sponsoring the Challenge.

Create a realistic air traffic environment where academic and commercial UAS operators can demonstrate that they have successfully developed and integrated the technologies necessary to operate safely in the National Airspace System.  

Competitor vehicles will fly a series of missions that will require them to safely address many of the technical issues important to integrating UAS in the National Airspace System. Several different types of scoring will apply during a single mission, depending upon the mission goals and the types of contingency situations that occur.  Competitors will not have advance knowledge of the scenarios they will encounter and different teams will encounter scenarios in different sequences. The competitors will be provided with a standardized electronic module that will collect flight data that will be used as the reference for assigning scores. I. Prize Amounts The total UAS AOC purse is $500,000 (five hundred thousand U.S. dollars). Prizes will be offered for entries that meet specific requirements detailed in the Rules.  The complete rules and team agreement for the 2014 UAS AOC can be found at:  

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