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Flight Deck of the Future: Virtual Windows and e-textile iGear

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Project Description

Project Image   Flight Deck of the Future: Virtual Windows and e-textile iGear

The Flight Deck of the Future (F.F) will integrate interdisciplinary talent to design innovative, integrated human interfaces for the next generation of human spaceflight. Two research areas that are ripe for development and vetting through the F.F are Virtual Windows and Electronic Textiles (e-textile):   - Virtual Windows can significantly improve external visibility  thereby greatly enhancing crew situational awareness, performance, and psychological health. This project includes integration of tiled displays, scene-stitching software, multiple cameras with real-time video imagery, and various camera control methods.   - By putting interfaces on the body, wearable technology enables rapid access to information and controls, continuous physiological monitoring, and alarms for dangerous environmental conditions. This project includes design and development of an e-textile garment with integrated power, data network, and wireless communications.  

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