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Planetary Science and Technology Through Analog Research

Advanced Multimission Operations Systems Tech (AMMOS) Technology

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Advanced Multimission Operations Systems Tech (AMMOS) Technology

AMMOS provides multi-mission operations, navigation, design, and training tools for Planetary Science flight missions, and undertakes technology investments for improved communications and navigation technologies. A portion of the AMMOS budget supports AMMOS Technology, which funds "Focused Technology," defined as technology that has a high likelihood of being infused into the AMMOS System.

AMMOS Technology tasks include: - Enhance mission planning and sequence generation tools with constraint based automated planning and scheduling techniques to enable greater levels of ground automation. - Demonstration of automated mission planning for tactical surface operations - Developing a multi-objective optimization tool for use in science planning for complex observatory scheduling. - An automated method to diagnose spacecraft systems from telemetry, generating models from standard test data and system documentation only - Develop Level 2 data product creation framework for producing atmospheric profiles.  The framework will be multimission and will allow subsequent missions to leverage on the implementations of previous missions - Automatic analysis discovers near-invisible signals and rapidly drafts maps of surface materials Develop Orbital stability analysis algorithms, mean element orbit control/sizing algorithms - Develop flexible, reactive, multimission “smart†executive for AutoNav/AutoGNC - Develop algorithms to optimize the time of finite burns within a multi-body gravity field. - Develop tools and a handbook to quickly survey and generate low-energy transfers between the Earth and Moon, including transfers to low lunar orbits and three-body orbits. - Develop a strategy using an optimal sequence of flybys and observations to do rapid characterization (shape, gravity, and environment) of small bodies (including binaries) without entering orbit or placing the S/C into an unstable state

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