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Given the importance of supercooled liquid in cloud microphysics, the global radiation budget, and aviation safety, the ability to observe these clouds globally would benefit weather prediction, expand understanding of cloud radiative forcing, and improve access to airspace for commercial and government aircraft. This project will provide a sensor suite concept and technology development path for quantifying this variable that is currently not widely measured.<\/p>", "coInvestigators": {"coInvestigator": [ "Stephen J Munchak", "Paul E Racette", "Dongliang Wu", "Gerald M Heymsfield", "Lihua Li" ]}, "responsibleProgram": "Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD", "workLocations": {"workLocation": "Maryland"}, "website": "", "acronym": "SLiM", "endDate": "Sep 2018", "primaryTas": {"technologyAreas": [ { "code": 8, "name": "Science Instruments, Observatories, and Sensor Systems", "id": 3246 }, { "code": 8.1, "name": "Remote Sensing Instruments and Sensors", "id": 3299 }, { "code": "8.1.4", "name": "Microwave, Millimeter-, and Submillimeter-Waves", "id": 3820 } ]}, "destinations": {"destination": [ "Earth", "Foundational Knowledge" ]}, "projectManagers": {"projectManager": [ "Matthew J Mcgill", "William E Cutlip" ]}, "description": "

The aim of this project is to define a suite of radars and radiometers for quantifying supercooled liquid water in mixed-phase clouds, focusing on millimeter and submillimeter-wave sensors for airborne, and eventually spaceborne, platforms. The primary focus is to determine the requirements of a G-band radar for observing mixed-phase clouds. Additional active and passive bands that will facilitate such measurements will be identified.<\/p>", "technologyMaturityCurrent": 2, "title": "Supercooled Liquid and Mixed-phase Cloud Profiler", "leadOrganization": { "acronym": "GSFC", "city": "Greenbelt", "name": "Goddard Space Flight Center", "state": "MD", "type": "NASA Center" }, "technologyMaturityEnd": 3, "additionalTas": "", "principalInvestigators": {"principalInvestigator": "Ian S Adams"}, "lastUpdated": "2018-10-10", "library": {"libraryItem": { "description": "Ground-based radar and lidar observations of mixed-phase clouds in theSouthern Ocean. The SLiM Cloud Profiler sensor concept aims to developremote sensing capabilities for measuring mixed-phase clouds fromairborne and spaceborne platforms.", "files": {"file": { "size": 5783562, "id": 28223, "url": "https://techport.nasa.gov/file/28223" }}, "id": 37578, "title": "SLiM Cloud Profiler Target Observations", "type": "Image" }}, "technologyMaturityStart": 1, "responsibleMissionDirectorateOrOffice": "Mission Support Directorate", "id": 93268, "startDate": "Oct 2017", "status": "Completed" }}