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For the AIGG to achieve its full potential, it must operate in a low-altitude orbital environment.  At low altitudes, the atmospheric-drag disturbance is high.  The AIGG measurement quality is very sensitive to spacecraft disturbances, and thus the ACS must obey very stringent attitude performance and stability requirements.  Design and analysis of a \u201cdrag-free\u201d ACS is the best method of achieving this.  The focus of this IRAD is to identify the orbital regimes where drag-free ACS is most feasible, and baseline a drag-free ACS for future design and development.<\/p>", "coInvestigators": {"coInvestigator": "Scott B Luthcke"}, "responsibleProgram": "Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD", "workLocations": {"workLocation": "Maryland"}, "website": "", "endDate": "Sep 2018", "primaryTas": {"technologyAreas": [ { "code": 11, "name": "Modeling, Simulation, Information Technology and Processing", "id": 3249 }, { "code": 11.3, "name": "Simulation", "id": 3412 }, { "code": "11.3.7", "name": "Multiscale, Multiphysics, and Multifidelity Simulation", "id": 3951 } ]}, "destinations": {"destination": "Earth"}, "projectManagers": {"projectManager": [ "Jason W Mitchell", "Matthew J Mcgill", "William E Cutlip" ]}, "description": "

The Atomic Interferometer Gravity Gradiometer (AIGG) is a next-generation gravity gradiometer capable of improving the accuracy and spatial resolution of time-variable gravity observations. The challenges present in the AIGG measurement environment warrant development of  the spacecraft attitude control system (ACS) in concert with the AIGG instrument development.  This IRAD focuses on the ACS analysis and design component. <\/p>", "technologyMaturityCurrent": 2, "title": "Atomic Interferometer Gravity Gradiometer Simulation Environment", "leadOrganization": { "acronym": "GSFC", "city": "Greenbelt", "name": "Goddard Space Flight Center", "state": "MD", "type": "NASA Center" }, "technologyMaturityEnd": 3, "additionalTas": {"technologyAreas": [ { "code": 8, "name": "Science Instruments, Observatories, and Sensor Systems", "id": 3246 }, { "code": 8.1, "name": "Remote Sensing Instruments and Sensors", "id": 3299 }, { "code": "8.1.1", "name": "Detectors and Focal Planes", "id": 3817 } ]}, "principalInvestigators": {"principalInvestigator": "Suyog S Benegalrao"}, "lastUpdated": "2018-10-10", "library": {"libraryItem": { "description": "AIGG_Grav_Improvement", "files": {"file": { "size": 330705, "id": 28320, "url": "https://techport.nasa.gov/file/28320" }}, "id": 38376, "title": "Projected Gravity Model Improvement of AIGG", "type": "Image" }}, "technologyMaturityStart": 2, "responsibleMissionDirectorateOrOffice": "Mission Support Directorate", "id": 93262, "startDate": "Oct 2017", "status": "Completed" }}