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This technology has potential application to human and robotic missins to the Moon and Mars. The benefits include enabling the development of space propulsion systems that use non-toxic ("green") propellants, potentially producible from space resources. Liquid oxygen/methane (LOX/CH4<\/sub>) engines feature high performance including high specific impulse (Isp), and are being produced using new, lower-cost additive manufacturing techniques (3-D printing). These qualities improve the operability, affordability, and sustainability of space systems.<\/p>", "programDirectors": {"programDirector": "Christopher Moore"}, "responsibleProgram": "Advanced Exploration Systems Division", "workLocations": {"workLocation": [ "Alabama", "California" ]}, "website": "", "supportedMissionType": "Projected Mission (Pull)", "endDate": "Sep 2020", "primaryTas": {"technologyAreas": { "code": 2, "name": "In-Space Propulsion Technologies", "id": 3252 }}, "destinations": {"destination": [ "The Moon", "Mars", "Others Inside the Solar System" ]}, "coFundingPartners": {"organization": { "city": "Mojave", "name": "Masten Space Systems, Inc", "state": "CA", "type": "Industry" }}, "projectManagers": {"projectManager": "Greg Chavers"}, "description": "

Hotfire testing is being performed of a MSFC-developed 4500-lbf thrust regeneratively cooled LOX/CH4<\/sub> engine with additively-manufactured thrust chamber. Testing of the 4500-lbf thruster will demonstrate methane-based regenerative cooling, verify performance, and anchor thermal models. The design can be scaled and fabricated for higher thrust levels (e.g. 100 kN / 22 klbf class engine). A parallel effort is underway witha 1000 lbf LOX/CH4 thruster with both additively-manufactured thrust chamber and injector.<\/p>", "technologyMaturityCurrent": 4, "title": "Lander Technology: LOX/CH4 Engine", "leadOrganization": { "acronym": "MSFC", "city": "Huntsville", "name": "Marshall Space Flight Center", "state": "AL", "type": "NASA Center" }, "technologyMaturityEnd": 6, "additionalTas": {"technologyAreas": { "code": 9, "name": "Entry, Descent, and Landing Systems", "id": 3247 }}, "lastUpdated": "2018-10-10", "library": {"libraryItem": [ { "description": "MET1 \u2013 Methane Engine Thruster for 1K lbf: assembled on thestandandhot-fire testing", "files": {"file": { "size": 125153, "id": 32130, "url": "https://techport.nasa.gov/file/32130" }}, "id": 42913, "title": "MET1 \u2013 Methane Engine Thruster for 1K lbf", "type": "Image" }, { "description": "META4 \u2013 Methane Engine Thrust Assembly for 4K lbf: assembled onthestandand hot-fire testing", "files": {"file": { "size": 189416, "id": 32129, "url": "https://techport.nasa.gov/file/32129" }}, "id": 42912, "title": "META4 \u2013 Methane Engine Thrust Assembly for 4K lbf", "type": "Image" } ]}, "technologyMaturityStart": 4, "responsibleMissionDirectorateOrOffice": "Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate", "id": 93142, "startDate": "Oct 2017", "status": "Active" }}